About HomenetSpain

Searching the whole market for you

We started out as buyers looking for property on the Costa del Sol. But after getting confused by so many agencies and seeing the same property marketed at different prices, we decided to bring all the available properties together on one comparison website, clear out the duplications and allow you to see exactly what is for sale according to your search criteria. Easy!

We created filters to allow you to find exactly what you are looking for, and you can save searches that will notify you when new properties become available, even while you sleep.

We then brought in independent real estate professionals who know the market and legalities inside-out. So when you contact us we will be able to help you end-to-end through the buying process. And as we are completely impartial and independent, searching all properties from all agencies, we are able to find the best property for you, rather than the best property for us…

It´s very simple: we think like a buyer and ask ourselves what does a buyer want? Then we deliver it.

We welcome you to use our site and search the whole Costa del Sol real estate market. And when you´re ready, get in touch. It will be our pleasure to help you find your ideal home in the sun.


Diana Taylor

Director, HomenetSpain